A 'host' is essentially just a computer configured to 'serve' web pages?
All your email, letter and digital photograph files are stored on your own computer's hard drive (JPG, BMP, TXT, DOC). Web page files are no different (HTML, PHP, CSS, JS), they can also reside on your hard drive along with everything else. All the files that are stored on your computer could be said to be 'hosted' by your computer.
You could, if you really wanted, 'host' your website from your own computer. This would mean though, having your computer turned on 24 hours a day.. every day. In most cases this is not practical, unless you're a very large organisation.
Zuron takes care of this. Ensuring that you are hosted both securely and efficiently. 
Solid state storage makes sure that your media can be accessed timelessly thus increasing the look and feel of your website.
With a 99.9999% up time guarantee Zuron ensures that your website will be accessible each and everyday.